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D R Bill & Sons LtdD R Bill & Sons LtdD R Bill & Sons Ltd

Specialists in dial restoration and customisation 

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Dial re-painting is an artistic process and is not to be rushed. Generally we would allow up to 7 to 10 working days for the more complex watch dials to be completed. We have carried out many restorations, particularly on watches with sentimental value from lower end brands up to Rolex, Longines, Tag Heuer and Breitling etc.


Dial restoration is the renewal of the watch dial by specialists. It takes approximately 7 to 10 working days. It is an intricate process which involves cleaning and preparation treatment. After this is complete we apply the text and numbers as the final touch.


About the company

Founded by David Roy Bill in 1962, David R Bill & Sons is a leading and excellent performer in Great British design and craftsmanship.

David pursued his keen interest in horology at the age of 15, by first learning the restoration of luxury timepieces at Banda's in Clerkenwell Road, London. By the time he was 18, he joined the army where he completed 2 years of service. On leaving, he joined Swiss Co working for Mr. Gerner.

But David realised dial restoration was a more refined and established business in the US, where his American counterparts had a more detailed knowledge and range of experience.

So in 1956 he moved to Pittsburgh and L.A. working for Kirk Dial, a very experienced dial artisan who taught him so much more than he had previously experienced in Britain.

In 1957 his progress did not go unnoticed and Kirk Dial offered him the chance to manage his own workshop in Texas but David politely declined, deciding instead to return to London.

It was then that he started his own dial restoration company, David R Bill & Sons in London's Clerkenwell Road, and finally in 1972 the business was relocated to its current premises just outside of London in the county of Essex.

Our Services

Dial restoration

Our in-house service center has extensive experience in watch dial restoration. We generally restore the dial to as close to the original design as possible. Parts of the dial such as the batons or numbers can either be polished or completely re-plated depending on the requirements of the customer. We can also re-plate the hands if necessary. Older dials often used luminescent paints that were highly corrosive to both the dial and chrome finished hands.

Dial customisation

You can personalise your timepiece with your own text on the dial, such as your name, corporate brand or personal message among other customisable features.

We specialise in working on any watch dials, applying a variety of modifications to bring you an outstanding creation which speaks for the wearer's very own personality

personal naming

Watches can all be branded in a variety of ways to suit your specific needs. While investing a minimum of your time our experienced team is able to create an appealing watch that makes a long lasting impression.

Service & repair

Services include the replacement of

  • Batteries
  • Leather Straps
  • Metal Bracelets
  • Watch glasses
  • Bracelet adjustment
  • Link Removal

We also carry out a service option to many basic quartz watches 


Your stainless watch is looking worn and scratched? It can look like new again with just a few of the right tools and a short time.  Smooth out deeper scratches and remove light scratches almost entirely. The process of polishing stainless steel starts by using an abrasive compound to work on getting the deeper scratches out before working your way to a final polish to achieve a bright polished finish.

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